About Coherics

Coherics is an Australian-owned company developing and delivering leading-edge training systems and content

Our clients

We work with Defence, Government, and Commercial clients to deliver new possibilities for adaptive training requirements. We achieve this by analysing our client’s training pipeline, applying innovative training systems and curricula, and integrating these solutions to fit your company and its staff in order to increase the quality and learning rate of your people.

Our success is driven through our methods of training requirements analysis and the development and implementation of adaptive training systems.

We treat our clients like we do our colleagues, building their capabilities and skills at every level and every opportunity.

We do this to grow the best team to deliver for our clients. We aim to bring out the capabilities of our clients to innovate with us and lead projects.

Our services

Our team of SMEs have the collective knowledge and experience to deliver the following core services:

  • Training Requirements Analysis and Specifications
  • SME and Behavioural Scientist Workshops
  • Training and Performance Needs Analysis
  • Bespoke Courseware and Learning Management Package Development
  • Adaptive Training Solutions
  • Training System Evaluation and Analysis

Coherics provides vendor-agnostic solutions and is built to ensure training transfer for our clients, to maximise human performance every step of the way.