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Training and performance needs analyses and specifications

Complex training systems require definitive baseline requirements to measure system efficacy and to ensure they are achieving the desired results.

In defence, there are many opportunities for cross-domain-training providing streamlined outputs and interoperability.

Coherics use specifically developed techniques that provide benefits and efficiencies across all domains. We understand that the Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) can lead to system efficiencies that make the most of cross-training opportunities.

We can also define the requirements for, and of training systems, inclusive of output standards. Through customisable methodologies, Coherics can develop Training Requirements Specification (TRS) and system-wide Function and Performance Specifications (FPS). The Coherics specific framework utilised to generate and capture baseline restrictions and limitations results in a more seamless LMP and courseware development process and life-cycle.

Needs analyses go hand in hand with baseline requirements to highlight potential training gaps. Without measuring and defining potential training gaps, curricula may be missing the mark that create downstream capability gaps. Coherics generates needs analyses, inclusive of gap analyses, and task profiles where appropriate, to define the exact amount and depth of training required, ensuring purpose fit training.

Through a per-project specific approach and where applicable, Coherics utilises custom-made training databases to demonstrate traceability and system configuration and control, from baseline training requirements through to operational delivery.

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