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Training system generation and delivery

With a clear focus on the objectives and our advanced knowledge of outcome intent and context, Coherics is committed to best practice, student-centred focussed training delivery.

The Learning Management Package is at the very heart of any training system, no matter how large, small, simple, or complex. Coherics brings decades worth of experience in curricula and LMP development, grown through military expertise, to guarantee learning outcomes are achieved.

A training system’s Learning Management Package (LMP) is the glue that binds capability hardware and resources with training products, tools, and specialised instruction. It defines how the trainees and instructors should interact with each media type and selected technology interface, and details resource requirements, lesson plan objectives, layout, and sequence.

Coherics’ training system design, delivery, assessment, and improvement framework and methodology has been created specifically for defence training. All components integrate seamlessly across training efficacy, resource utilisation, and output standards. Coherics can consolidate existing vendor-agnostic training hardware into a comprehensive ILE, inclusive of an adaptive training solution and LMP, with compatible adaptive courseware.

Courseware is the focal touchpoint of any training system, so it needs to be engaging, dynamic, enjoyable, crisp, and targeted. Being the first element in the user journey, it should create everlasting impressions. Coherics combines professional graphic design with our human machine interface expertise to ensure the courseware is both visually compelling and engaging.

Coherics develops all manner of courseware, which can be linked to adaptive curricula where applicable, including, but not limited to:

  • Student and instructor guides
  • Training aid displays
  • Handling notes and manuals
  • Mass briefs and other briefing packs
  • Individual lesson content; and
  • Training event scripts

Quality training cannot be delivered effectively and repeatedly unless trainers have detailed direction and a clear purpose for teaching. Our decades of teaching complex military topics in challenging environments, coupled with strong relationships with world leading universities, means Coherics’ staff have the experience and gravitas to generate effective courseware and training.

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