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Who we are

Since 2019, Coherics has helped clients meet and exceed their desired outcomes.

Coherics is a values-based organisation. Founded by former RAAF aviators, we live by our vision, mission, and values.


To be the company our partners trust for excellence in training system evaluation, standardisation, design, and delivery to generate highly capable graduates that meet increasing capability demands.


At Coherics, we know that quality training drives operational effectiveness. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ capabilities are of the highest standards.


  • We are smart people, solving complex problems
  • We communicate early, often, clearly, and concisely
  • We act deliberately, with integrity, and professionalism
  • We love helping our clients

Coherics is uniquely positioned to help defence and government organisations mitigate the risk when integrating new systems by providing platform agnostic specialised training system generation and integration.

Benjamin Rice — Executive Director