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Training system specialist and behavioural scientist workshops

Need to explore ideas, and mind map your training desires and goals? Our staff can help distil your goals and generate a meaningful training system roadmap to boost workforce proficiency.

Coherics has a methodical approach to expanding training efficacy and capability outcomes through specialist workshops. Our team of experienced behavioural scientists, data scientists, and training system specialists can conduct large and small scale bespoke workshops and consulting tasks. These lead to training system capability output strategies and roadmaps, including blueprints for future system acquisition and development.

Introducing technology for technology’s sake can often reduce training proficiency with unintended consequences. The Coherics team specialise in the appropriate use and introduction of new technology that improves and complements training system outputs whilst remaining platform and vendor agnostic.

Coherics has designed unique procedures for the integration of leading-edge human factors research into our professional service provision plans. This gives us the most up to date research in the cognitive and ergonomic science domains, and also translates to best-practice evaluation and analysis of training solutions and system architecture design.

The Coherics team has extensive operational and analytical experience in a range of modern warfare. Our staff have experience in the vast majority of current CGF products and their integration with 4.5 and 5th generation platforms. This includes the E-7A Wedgetail, F/A18-F, and Distributed Mission Training Systems such as the Defence Science & Technology’s Group Joint Air Warfare Battle Laboratory the Air Warfare Centre’s Distributed Training Centre AWC-DTC). Our team also has vast experience working on and assisting our partners to generate LVC integration, or live synthetic blend, and can provide expert advice and analyses to inform training techniques and environments.

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