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Stephen Baker

Director - Business Development

Stephen’s passion for training started at the age of 23, when he was more emotional seeing his students graduate than they were. The teacher in him continued to flourish into a training system expert, with highly developed skills establishing training architecture products that deliver highly capable graduates for his clients.

Stephen spent over two decades in various flying instructional roles across the Royal Australian and Royal New Zealand Air Forces culminating in “teaching the teachers” and instructor standardisation testing across the fast jet community. After a tour leading the RAAF Roulette Aerobatic team, Stephen eventually moved on to become the chief subject matter expert in advanced adaptive curricula design for Lockheed Martin, delivering the RAAF’s 5th generation pilot training solution.

Stephen has led multiple start up-ventures, ranging from running his own photography business, developing and coding his own travel application, to designing electric drive systems for garbage trucks. Stephen has always had an entrepreneurial streak, and after having vibrant discussions with his now his business partner, co-founded Coherics.

Stephen continues to combine his passion for technology and training to create products that are learner focused and company capability enhancing. In his spare time, Stephen loves to travel and explore parts of the world he hasn’t yet seen, capturing the way light highlights fascinating subjects through his photography, and roaming hilly roads on his modern retro motorcycle.